Laundry room with washer and dryer.A problem with your dryer can be more than inconvenient. It can also be dangerous.

Malfunctioning dryers and clogged dryer vents are some of the most common causes of house fires. Unfortunately, even name-brand dryers can eventually stop functioning efficiently. If you think your dryer isn’t heating adequately, or is taking too long to dry your clothes, its time to call Raleigh Appliance Repairs.


Are any of these problems familiar?

  • Not Starting — Fuses, Switches, and Broken Belts are frequent culprits.
  • Heating Problems — Heating elements, thermostats, timers & motors require examination.
  • Running Loudly — Rollers, Idler Pulley, & Bearings are often contributing factors.
  • No Turning & Tumbling — Belts or switches usually need replacing

For these or other home dryer problems, or for a timely inspection of dryer vents, hoses and exhaust, call on Raleigh Appliance Repairs for prompt, professional service that is priced fairly. Our certified professionals are strategically based throughout Wake County to reduce office overhead and get to our customers quickly. We work regularly throughout Wake County in communities such as Raleigh, Cary, Morrisville, Wake ForestApex, Holly Springs, Garner and Fuquay-Varina, as well as other nearby NC Triangle towns. Whatever the issue is with your dryer, you can trust us to get the job done.

Controls of a washer and dryerWhen you need prompt service on your dryer, contact Raleigh Appliance Repairs. Call or text us at 919-280-9394, fill out our online contact form to the right, or email us at

*Warranty: We offer a one year warranty on services, and most parts have a lifetime warranty. If the customer wants the repair, the diagnostic fee is included in the service charge. If we have to come out twice to complete the repair, there are no charges for additional trips.


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